2 Monitors for viewing Video clips
Internal & external speakers
All Jukebox songs have a video clip
Microphone for speeches
Main selection screen also shows video clip
when not in use to become a 3rd Monitor
For Music Video Song List

Easy To operate Touch Screen or Button Controls Select Songs by Title , artist or category

 jukebox touchscreen
Selection Screen

The Digital Video Karaoke jukebox has a selection screen plus 2 additional separate Monitors which can be positioned so the singer does not have there back to the audience whilst still allowing the audience to view the other monitor. This also allows you to make selections without hindering the singer. The selection screen also reverts to being a 3rd monitor when not in use. Comes with 4 Microphones to really get your party going.

The Video Karaoke Jukebox has the same video music list as the Digital Video Jukebox, plus a separate list of Karaoke songs
For Karaoke song list
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